(Wilderland Records, 2014)

  1. Any Way the Wind Blows
  2. Out of Pawn
  3. Your Fonder Heart
  4. Why We Build the Wall
  5. Now You Know
  6. If It’s True
  7. Namesake
  8. Young Man in America
  9. Two Kids
  10. The Pursewarden Affair
  11. His Kiss the Riot
  12. Come September
  13. You Are Forgiven
  14. Our Lady of the Underground
  15. Cosmic American

A solo recording made with Gary Paczosa in Nashville. It includes several re-recorded songs that are up to ten years old; some from Hadestown (recorded in Anais’ own voice for the first time); and a few new songs that have never been recorded before.

AM says: “If the title were longer, it would be dear audience, thank you for everything.”

Release date 30th September 2014 (North America) / 6th October (Rest of World)


(Wilderland Records, 2012)

Young Man in America
  1. Wilderland
  2. Young Man in America
  3. Coming Down
  4. Dyin Day
  5. Venus
  6. He Did
  7. Annmarie
  8. Tailor
  9. Shepherd
  10. You are Forgiven
  11. Ships

Our first independent release, produced by Todd Sickafoose at Earycanal in NY and CA! Ornate and percussive, this album features a tribe of innovative musicians, new friends and old.

AM says: “Inspired by American manhood, British ballads and my father.”