New album, Child Ballads, out early 2013

We’re excited to officially announce the forthcoming release of Anais’ new album, Child Ballads, which she recorded with friend and collaborator Jefferson Hamer. It’s a collection of traditional songs from the British Isles, named after their collector, Francis James Child. Anais and Jefferson recorded the album in early 2012 with legendary Nashville producer Gary Paczosa. Their versions have been carefully re-imagined to reflect an American sensibility as well as a deep respect for the tradition. The beautiful artwork has been created by Peter Nevins, who also made the Hadestown illustrations.

Willie of Winsbury (Child 100)
Willie’s Lady (Child 6)
Sir Patrick Spens (Child 58)
Riddles Wisely Expounded (Child 1)
Clyde Waters (Child 216)
Geordie (Child 209)
Tam Line (Child 39)

The album is released in the UK and Europe on February 11th 2013 and in the US and Canada on March 19th 2013.

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